Student Mentorship Program

The Canadian Bar Association BC Branch, in partnership with the UBC and UVic law faculties, coordinates an ongoing student Mentorship program. This program is designed to match law students with lawyers willing to share their experience and insight into the practice of law. The Mentorship program is an excellent opportunity for law students to gain an inside perspective on the legal profession. Mentors are encouraged to interact with their students in whatever way works best for the pair, including discussing files, observing court appearances or talking about life in the legal profession.


Law Student Enrolment

To enrol as a mentee please click here.


Mentoring Opportunities for Lawyers 

The British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, in partnership with the UBC and UVic Law Faculties, invites you to become a mentor to the next generation of lawyers. As a mentor you will play a pivotal role in helping students build essential networks within the legal community while providing with them with insightful counsel on the realities of practicing law.

You will be matched with a law student who is particularly interested in your area of practice. Once matched, your student will contact you to arrange a meeting over lunch, coffee or at the mentorship reception.

To enrol as a mentor please click here.