ALF Student Appreciation Award

About the Award

This award is given to law students of Indigenous ancestry who have shown consistent dedication to Indigenous people in the field of law. It recognizes an individual contribution to the Aboriginal Lawyers Forum (ALF) in working to enhance the stature and influence of Indigenous people in the legal profession. There will be three awards given, one for each of the three law schools in BC.


To be eligible for the award, a nominee must:

  • be a student at one of the three BC law schools;
  • not be a current member of the ALF Executive;
  • have demonstrated outstanding contribution in the area Indigenous people in the law, including any or all of the following activities:  
    • supporting ALF initiatives;  
    • mentoring and supporting Indigenous law students;  
    • involvement in an Indigenous or Aboriginal Law Students’ Association or similar group;  
    • contributing to programs and services that support Indigenous law students;  
    • working to address the issues facing Indigenous lawyers, in particular the retention of Indigenous people in the law; and   
    • working to enhance the stature and influence of Indigenous people in the legal profession.

Amount of Award

The recipients of the 2022 ALF Student Appreciation Awards was each awarded $1000.


The 2022 ALF Student Appreciation Award was presented at the 12th Annual ALF Holiday Banquet on Friday, November 25, 2022 at the Fairmont Waterfront in Vancouver, BC.


2022 – Chelsea Gladstone, Allard | Jaxxen Wylie, UVic | Tara-Lynn Wilson, TRU 

2021 – Cassandra Sawers, Allard | Chelsea Cameron, UVic | Jamie-Lee Keith, TRU 

2019 – Jana Chouinard, TRU | Amanda Richards, Allard | Katelyn Beale, UVic

2018 – Kateri Koster, TRU | Veronica Martisius, UVic | Shawnee Monchalin, Allard 

2017 – Dawn Johnson, Allard | Rachelle Trenholm, UVic | Charlotte Munroe, TRU

2016 – Dustin C. Gagnon, TRU