Equality and Diversity Award

This award celebrates CBABC members who have succeeded in advancing equality in the legal profession or generally in British Columbia. 

2022 Recipients

Ken Kramer, KC has advocated tirelessly to improve the lives of those with disabilities and the senior community. As a lawyer living with disability, his profound personal and professional knowledge have helped establish seven Elder Law Clinics across the Lower Mainland. He also negotiated with the BC government to allocate over $25 million to the home care community in BC.

Audrey Jun has made a remarkable impact on the Asian-Canadian legal community by directing But I Look Like a Lawyer, an award-winning documentary that masterfully weaves the lived experiences of pan-Asian lawyers. She routinely presents at disability and trust workshops, and has contributed to the yearly Elder Law Update of Continuing Legal Education BC.

About the Award

The Award celebrates the accomplishments of a CBABC member who has succeeded in advancing equality in the legal profession or generally in British Columbia. The Award recognizes significant contributions to improving the status of women, people with disabilities, people of colour, Aboriginal people or peoples, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or two-spirited people or people who are members of historically marginalized communities.


Candidates must be individual lawyers who are members of the CBABC. Groups are not eligible for consideration.

Consideration will be given to candidates who have successfully championed equality and promoted understanding of diversity through education, policy development, advocacy (including litigation), creating or leading organizational change, volunteerism with equality-seeking groups, or other means.

Consideration will be given to candidates who have worked on race, disability, sexual orientation, gender or other diversity issues in their communities, in government or government agencies, within the institutions of the legal profession (including CBA, the Law Society, CLE, LSS, the judiciary, or the law schools), or elsewhere.

Nomination, Selection and Presentation

Nominations are sought in the spring. The Board of Directors selects the recipient and the award is presented by the CBABC President at the last Provincial Council meeting of the fiscal year, usually held in June. 


The award is a specially-etched crystal globe.

Previous Recipients

  • 2021 - Susanna Allevato Quail
  • 2020 - Tina Parbhakar
  • 2019 - Kamaljit Lehal
  • 2018 - Zara Suleman
  • 2017 - Adrienne Smith
  • 2016 - The Honourable Donna Martinson, QC
  • 2014 - Janine L. Benedet
  • 2013 - Benjamin D. Levine
  • 2012 - Jennifer Spencer
  • 2011 - Jennifer Conkie, QC
  • 2010 - Sarah Rauch
  • 2009 - Kuan Foo
  • 2008 - Valli Chettiar
  • 2007 - Anna Fung, QC
  • 2006 - Anne Bhanu Chopra
  • 2005 - Halldor Bjarnason
  • 2004 - Joseph J Arvay, QC

Additional Information 

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