Georges A. Goyer, QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service

The Georges A Goyer, QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service was initiated in 1992 and is named in honour of a respected member of the BC Branch who passed away after a courageous battle with cancer.

Georges A Goyer, QC served the CBA as Chair of the National Legal Aid Liaison Committee, Chair of the BC Branch Criminal Justice (Vancouver) Section, Elected Member of the BC Branch and National CBA Councils, Member of the BC Branch and Law Society of BC Communications Committees, Board Member of the Canadian Bar Insurance Association, and Assistant Professor/Director of the UBC Legal Clinic, Faculty of Law.


Any resident of BC (except a current member of the CBABC Board of Directors) is eligible for the award.


The Georges A Goyer, QC Memorial Award for Distinguished Service recognizes the exceptional contributions and/or achievements by any resident of British Columbia:

  • to the legal profession in British Columbia; or
  • to jurisprudence in British Columbia or Canada; or
  • to the law or development of the law in British Columbia; or
  • a significant law-related benefit to the residents of British Columbia.
NOMINATION & selection

The nominee must consent to the nomination and must be nominated by three CBABC members in good standing.

The Goyer Award is adjudicated by a four-person panel comprised of the CBABC President, the CBABC Past President, the Chair of the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC, and an Elected Member of the CBABC Provincial Council, residing outside of the Lower Mainland.


The award is a glass disc emblazoned with the CBA logo and mounted on a glass base. It is presented annually by the CBABC President at the Bench and Bar Dinner.

Previous Recipients

2023 - Edward L. Wilson

2022 - Robert McDiarmid, QC

2020 - barbara findlay, QC

2019 - Robert Brun, QC

2018 - Terence E. La Liberté, QC

2017 - John Waddell, QC

2016 - Catherine Boies Parker

2015 - Mary Mouat, QC

2014 - Professor Isabel Grant

2013 - Glenn Gallins, QC

2013 - Donald J. Sorochan, QC

2012 - Joyce DeWitt-Van Oosten, QC

2011 - James D. Vilvang, QC

2010 - Walley Lightbody, QC

2009 - Jerry McHale, QC and Art Vertlieb, QC

2008 - Marvin Storrow, QC, LLD

2007 - Jack Giles, QC

2006 - Thomas R Berger, OC, QC

2005 - Darrell W Roberts, QC

2004 - Warren T Wilson, QC

2003 - The Honourable Madam Justice Lynn Smith

2002 - Paul Beckmann, QC

2001 - Louise Mandell, QC

2000 - The Honourable Mr Justice Wallace T Oppal

1999 - Peter Wilson, QC

1998 - Gilbert Schmitt, QC

1995 - Dr Donovan Waters, QC

1994 - The Honourable Nathan T Nemetz and Marlene Scott, QC

1993 - Neil Davidson, QC

1992 - Alec C Robertson, QC

Names, designations and honorifics are reflected as they were when the award was presented.

Additional Information 

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