The activities of the Canadian Bar Association, British Columbia Branch (CBABC) are governed by the Bylaws of the Association.

Eleven officers of the Association are responsible for the regular activities and administration of the Branch:

  • Bill Veenstra, President
  • Margaret Mereigh, Vice President
  • Kenneth Armstrong, Secretary Treasurer
  • Jennifer Brun, Officer
  • Sarah Klinger, Officer
  • Sandra Mandanici, Officer 
  • Lauren Chu, Young Lawyers Officer
  • Tina Dion, QC, Aboriginal Lawyers Representative
  • Tina Parbhakar, Equality Representative
  • Caroline Nevin, Executive Director

All officers, with the exception of the executive director, are elected members of the association. The executive director is the chief operating officer of the CBABC and the only paid officer of the association.

Council's Role

Council elects the officers, approves the budget, and most important determines CBABC policy. Council meets three times a year to perform its duties and hear reports from the President, Executive Director, Standing Committees, Divisions and other agenda items set by the President