2024 Program

From court backlogs, changes to the law and managing client expectations, family law practice can be challenging. Take advantage of this two-day conference that distills the best practices, latest breakthroughs and critical topics to help you stay prepared. Family law experts unpack amendments to the BC Family Law Act, discuss ethical dilemmas, explore parenting coordination issues and more. Plus, the highly anticipated ‘Year in Review’ returns with a breakdown of the latest cases.

Combine learning with a getaway at the Sparkling Hill Resort & Spa. Enjoy leisure options and fine dining while you connect and catch-up with colleagues. Learn, relax and make lasting connections!


Conference Planning Committee

Heidi Taylor, Chair
FH&P Lawyers LLP

Alexander J. Boland, Vice-Chair
Connect Family Law

Leneigh M. Bosdet, Law & Policy Liaison
Pushor Mitchell LLP

Bree R. Hankins, Member At Large
Pihl Law Corporation

Erin Bowman, Member At Large
Bowman Law Centre

A Year in Review
In this highly anticipated session, presenters analyze the latest case law developments.

Confronting Crime and Ethical Dilemmas
This session addresses the legal, ethical, and regulatory concerns that arise when representing clients who may be involved in criminal activities. Topics include the limits of solicitor-client privilege and loyalty to the client.

How to Create a Dementia-Friendly Family Law Practice
In this interactive workshop, Alzheimer Society of BC and a family law lawyer use a practice-based lens to explore the signs of dementia and the rights and capabilities of clients living with dementia. As you work through real-life practice scenarios on topics like division of assets on dissolution of marriage and long-term care, you’ll uncover tips and best practices for creating a dementia-friendly workplace and how to effectively communicate with clients and caregivers.

Navigating Financial Crossroads: Bankruptcy and Asset Division
A close look at complex civil disputes and high-value family litigation where bankruptcy plays a major role in asset division. This session includes key case law updates and practical insights on the implications and options available to your clients.

Pets, Pensions, and Property Division: Amendments to the BC Family Law Act
Presenters probe the recent amendments to Section 85 of the BC Family Law Act, which aims to clarify the presumption of resulting trust and the division of excluded property during separation. Gain a deeper understanding of the changes and how they impact your clients' separation agreement.

Robots are Coming: AI Implications, Dangers, and Upsides
Seems like everyone is speaking about artificial intelligence these days. This session explores the potential benefits and challenges of integrating AI technologies into your family law practice.

Trends in Parenting Coordination
Court delays leave limited options for parents with child-related disputes, making parenting coordination an attractive alternative. This session examines the trends in parenting coordination, including communication and conflict resolution, technology integration, and more.

Unlocking Legal Agreements: Challenges & Best Practices
Cohabitation and separation agreements are complex and can often lead to drafting challenges. Speakers work through case law examples to highlight court-recommended approaches for drafting these agreements.

View from the Bench: Appearing Before the Courts
Whether you are an experienced lawyer, or new to family law practice, it is crucial to understand what is expected of you in court. Gain valuable insights on how to properly prepare for this situation, including tips on preparation, mistakes to avoid and how to enhance your readiness.

Order of presentations may be subject to change.