BarTalk | August 2016

  • August 01, 2016

Natural Resources and Environmental Law = Change. Each field of law has and will continue to evolve to address new data, conservation, Indigenous ecological knowledge and the ever dynamic environmental landscape. Change is apparent in this issue, be it the implications of recent decisions on interprovincial pipeline projects, the new Water Sustainability Act regulating groundwater and water use conflicts or the regulatory uncertainty that is, in part, impacting LNG projects in BC, not to mention the Trudeau government’s review of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, which may be the most fundamental transformation of federal environmental law in a generation!

BarTalk | June 2016

  • June 01, 2016

With the relatively recent change in our federal government and with Syrian refugees’ settling in Canada, immigration is a particularly hot subject matter. The Liberals have committed to changes in the law, which will inevitably bring with it policy shifts. Issues such as government transportation loans and income assistance are now getting attention and Canadians are assisting the government by mentoring “GARs” and exposing such refugees to the rich fabric of Canadian society. Other topics such as the impact on permanent residents when they run afoul of the law and foreign investment in Canada are also considered in this issue. Enjoy the read!