BarTalk | April 2017

  • April 01, 2017

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As Benjamin Franklin once articulated, “In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.” Perhaps there is at least one other certainty, tax law constantly changes and this past year is no exception. Changes to the principal residence exemption in Canada and the introduction of the controversial Metro Vancouver foreign buyer tax have far reaching impacts. While the law is dynamic, there are still some aspects of tax that would benefit from further clarification, however, there are also cases that have tax matters as their foundation, which impact other aspects of our laws. In this regard, enjoy the read on the value of voting shares, rectification principles (Fairmont Hotels decision) and advisory common interest privilege (Iggillis decision) and don’t forget to pay your taxes!

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Michael Welsh
The Taxed Justice System

"I like to pay taxes; with them I buy civilization."
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

by Michael Welsh

Greg T. Palm
Canada v. Fairmont Hotels Inc.

Courts no longer indemnifying lawyers
for erroneous tax advice

by Brian Beitz

Caroline Nevin
(Not So) Random Acts of Justice

It's an exciting time to be in law

by Caroline Nevin

Peter Bychawski
Common Interest Privilege
in Commercial Transactions

Does it still exist
after Iggillis?

by Michelle Chang

David J. Bilinsky
Are Lawyers Part of the Solution?

Or... part of the problem?

by David J. Bilinsky

Metro Vancouver’s
Foreign Buyer Tax

The story is still unfolding

by Christie S. Wilson

Tech Tips
So, what new alternatives and approaches are being put forward to resolve different types of legal disputes worldwide?

by David J. Bilinksy

Professional Corporations

May no longer benefit from lowest tax rate

by Kevin Zimka and Matthew Weaver

Tony Wilson
BC Family Day is Not So Family-Friendly

We should make it the same date across Canada

by Tony Wilson, QC

The Principal Residence Exemption

Preparing for proposed changes

by Laura Peach

Lawyers as Employers

Risk management

by Sara Forte

The Value of Voting Shares

Planning to address
CRA policies

by Ryan Green

Aboriginal Lawyers Forum Update

Sections & Professional Development

Section Updates

Immigration Law |
Wills & Trusts - Victoria | Wills & Trusts - Vancouver
Taxaxtion Law | International Law

ALF 6th Annual Retreat
Professional Development

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CBABC Women Lawyers Forum
Awards Gala
Law Week 2017
An Agenda for Justice - Did You Know...
CBIA Tax Tip
Tips from the Courthouse Libraries BC
BC Legislative Update
CLEBC Update

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