BarTalk | Feb 2013

  • February 01, 2013

"By Sea Land and Air We Prosper," says Vancouver’s coat of arms. We explore adventures on the sea and in the air, from arresting ships to suits for psychological injuries from air crashes to inflight language rights. New legislation allowing PPSA registrations for fishing licences, lawyer coaching, an interview with a legal activist from India and how lawyers volunteer at home and abroad round out this issue.

BarTalk | December 2012

  • December 01, 2012

The times – they are a changing for families and family lawyers. The FLA cuts across many areas of law, so we devote most of this issue to it. Also enjoy questions of Biblical proportion about how Abraham’s heirs would do under our inheritance laws, learn to speak more convincingly than a politician and read of CBABC contributions to the Uniform Law Conference.

BarTalk | October 2012

  • October 01, 2012

BarTalk goes to the dogs. We look at aspects of Animal Law – “dangerous dog” laws and how the provincial government is replacing judicial review of animal seizure and destruction orders. Our other theme is work done by law firms to foster pro bono and a “low bono” program of reduced fees.

BarTalk | August 2012

  • August 01, 2012

Free enterprise and business is fundamental to our economy and good legal advice is integral to its success. Our focus is on business and securities law, including innovations at UVic with its “hands-on” business law clinic, potential changes in how securities regulators may handle alleged breaches, restrictive covenants and the future of stock markets (a must read!) We also look at legal research outsourcing, articling tips and the 10th anniversary of the WLF.

BarTalk | June 2012

  • June 01, 2012

Mention “law” and people think of lawyers, but the legal system has many participants. In this issue, we look at actual and proposed changes in the roles of others in the system: articled students, paralegals and notaries public. We also get a glimpse into how some lawyers are changing communities locally and abroad for the better and get an update on the sex workers’ rights court challenge.

BarTalk | April 2012

  • April 01, 2012

Law degree equals lawyer. Or does it? In this issue we hear from law graduates who have charted different paths, in business, research, writing – even martial arts! If you want on the bandwagon, then read how LAP can assist. We also hear snippets of what some lawyers did before they obtained those law degrees (what a talented bunch we are!), and get a call to arms on the detriment to our society from a lack of lawyers in politics. We also preview the upcoming Family Law Act and this year’s Law Week activities.

BarTalk | February 2012

  • February 01, 2012

Aging, independence, the capacity to manage our own lives – these are concerns we all face – whether today or in the future. We look at how the law is adapting to handle problems arising from the increasing average age of our citizens, including a new and developing area of Elder Law. Also discussed are changes to Powers of Attorney and Representation Agreements, the role of the Public Guardian and Trustee, the use of mediation in elder law disputes and a recent appellate court decision on capacity issues. We also provide information on the CBABC Lawyer Referral Service on its 40th anniversary.

BarTalk | December 2011

  • December 01, 2011

Like everything in life, legal careers start and finish. We discuss both ends of the spectrum, as each requires planning to succeed. Articles discuss starting your own firm, succession planning, retirement financial planning, winding down your practice and developing a life after law. And we tell of TRU law school’s grand opening.

BarTalk | October 2011

  • October 01, 2011

Equality and diversity are the lifeblood of a multicultural democracy and engage every area of law. We discuss how women and minority lawyers are faring, interview a founder of West Coast LEAF, pass on a 50th anniversary message from the BCCLA and report on the South African Charter of Religious Rights and Freedoms.

BarTalk | August 2011

  • August 01, 2011

Family breakdowns are an old problem always looking for new answers. We look at some innovations, present and prospective. They include legislative changes giving more force to marriage/cohabitation agreements, international child abduction cases and the Hague Convention, the Supreme Court Family Rules one year on, family law mediation, Parenting After Separation and the CBABC role in developing Best Practices Guidelines for family lawyers.