BarTalk | September 1992

  • September 01, 1992

BarTalk is published by the British Columbia Branch of the Canadian Bar Association, the leader and voice of Canada’s legal profession.

BarTalk | October 2004

  • October 01, 2004

Message to Government: Remove the SST!; Is There an Articling Crisis?; Marketing Techniques; and more.

BarTalk | October 1997

  • October 01, 1997

The Sale of BC Online...; It's Tough Being a Lawyer These Days; Changes to Family Court Counsellor System; Tommy Tao; Cooperation NOT Incarceration; Yes! A Benevolent Fund At Last; Improving the Way you Communicate; Is Law All There Is...?; and more.

BarTalk | October 1996

  • October 01, 1996

Former CBA president appointed new Chief Justice of BC Supreme Court; A quick quiz about Guardianship Law; CBA Task Force identifies opportunities for reform in Canadian civil justice system; and more.

BarTalk | October 1994

  • October 01, 1994

Lawyers must be working part of multi-cultural society; Your Registry Questions Answered, Recent aboriginal self-government cases reviewed; Lawyers for Literacy; and more.

BarTalk | October 1995

  • October 01, 1995

Gordon Proudfoot beats legal aid drum in Vancouver; CBA represents a diverse range of interests; A practical framework to accommodate lawyers with family responsibilities; and more.

BarTalk | October 1998

  • October 01, 1998

Mediation in BC; Speaking Out, Speaking Up; Wills Variation Act Case Comment; Recapping the St. John's Annual Meeting; Canada's New Law; and more.

BarTalk | October 1999

  • October 01, 1999

The Right - and Cost - of Representation; Lawyers for Lawyers; Lawyer to Head BC Online Business Development; No Quick Fixes Part II; Real-Time Billing Blues; Perry Erlich; Victoria Bar Association; and more.

BarTalk | October 2000

  • October 01, 2000

Notaries Act Changes Proposed; Celebrating Difference; Business As Usual; From the Bench; and more.

BarTalk | October 2001

  • October 01, 2001

Justice - Priceless; CBABC Equality Committee; Innocent People Don't Belong in Jail; CBABC Staff Make Covenant House Donation; and more.