BarTalk | August 2011

  • August 01, 2011

Family breakdowns are an old problem always looking for new answers. We look at some innovations, present and prospective. They include legislative changes giving more force to marriage/cohabitation agreements, international child abduction cases and the Hague Convention, the Supreme Court Family Rules one year on, family law mediation, Parenting After Separation and the CBABC role in developing Best Practices Guidelines for family lawyers.

BarTalk | June 2011

  • June 01, 2011

Our accomplishments arise in part from the wisdom and experience of others. For younger lawyers or sole practitioners, obtaining that foundation can be difficult. Mentoring addresses this. We look at the many ways mentoring occurs in the British Columbia legal community.

BarTalk | April 2011

  • April 01, 2011

With our congested courts and a need to find effective problem resolutions, we focus on mediation. We look at Small Claims mediation, newer mediation areas such as estate litigation and elder law issues and remind ourselves of where it all started – in labour law. Also, check out activities during Law Week and read a summary of the Doust Report on legal aid.

BarTalk | February 2011

  • February 01, 2011

This issue is on the best of B.C., especially in the “rest of B.C.” outside the Lower Mainland, which contrary to some points of view is not simply “beyond Hope.” We look at the development, goals and effect of the new TRU law school and learn of a distinguished TRU alumnus. We focus on a CBABC initiative, the Rural Education and Access to Lawyers initiative (REAL) and other steps to increase access to justice throughout B.C., including growth of pro bono clinics and the Public Commission on Legal Aid. We also go abroad with a CBA initiative in east Africa to strengthen access to justice.

BarTalk | December 2010

  • December 01, 2010

Technology – learn to love it because there’s no leaving it. In fact, it seems those lawyers who do not learn to navigate the online IT highway may soon be left as “road-kill” alongside it. We journey to such destinations as the upcoming “eCourts,” a new virtual law practice that is online and paperless, and client markets through blogs, Facebook, Twitter and online legal directories. Everything about the practice of law is changing through technology, so discover why you need to incorporate IT due diligence into your practice.

BarTalk | October 2010

  • October 01, 2010

It seems that the more technological we get, the more stress we add to everything, including practising law. At the same time, lawyers are realizing that we need good physical and mental health if we are to be of any benefit to our clients, our families and ourselves. So, in this issue, we look at some ideas and programs to promote good health and a balanced life, including sabbaticals, adventure holidays, the Employee Assistance Program, online doctor and patient social networks, patient care and the Health Professions Act and the soon to be burgeoning area of “elder law.”

BarTalk | August 2010

  • August 01, 2010

There seems to be a lot of construction going on. Two new buildings are being built to accommodate law students: UBC Faculty of Law and Thompson Rivers University Law School's new House of Learning, both of which should open in 2011. A welcome opportunity to focus this issue on Legal Education: read, for example, how the REAL Initiative has successfully linked students and lawyers throughout small communities and rural areas in B.C. If you have topics or themes that you would like to discuss or read about in BarTalk, please let us know (

BarTalk | June 2010

  • June 01, 2010

The cover gives it away. This BarTalk has an aboriginal law focus. It has been a long time coming. While our magazine has occasionally reported on aboriginal issues, this is the first time that we received a sufficient number of contributions to make an issue out of it (no pun intended). Our other focus, as always in June, is a photo recap of Law Week. If you have topics or themes, that you would like to discuss or read about in BarTalk, please let us know (

BarTalk | April 2010

  • April 01, 2010

Law Week 2010 – read about some of the events that will take place across the province throughout the month of April (p. 7 and pp. 14-15). Legal Aid – Mayland McKimm, QC points out the who, what, where and why of legal aid (p. 12). David Dundee also has a few words to say about legal aid (p. 13).

BarTalk | February 2010

  • February 01, 2010

The evidence has been mounting for months; Vancouver will soon play host to the largest event in its history. In keeping with the media’s saturation coverage of all things related to the 2010 Winter Olympics, these pages offer: the final instalment in the Lawyer Olympian Series with Gold Medallist Blair Horn; an examination of what effects the event may have on our court system; a list of interesting Olympic civil liberties facts; and finally, a look at the role of Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).