Give a Little and Gain a Lot

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If you had a chance to 1) have business come to you, 2) learn to become a better lawyer and 3) give back to your community, would you take it, especially if it was FREE?

As good a lawyer as you may be, you just can’t have a good enough argument against taking this opportunity.

I’m a young lawyer and started my own law practice just over a year ago. My talent lies in marketing and my goals are to grow my business and help people. Lawyer Referral Service (LRS) has helped me achieve both these goals. Let me explain.

LRS and Growth

In the past year, I have enjoyed a steep learning curve when it comes to attracting business, keeping it afloat and also doing the best I can as a lawyer. From personal experience, I suggest some tips to follow to have a successful practice whether you are an associate, a partner, or own your own firm:

  1. A successful business means clients come to you.
  2. A successful lawyer has a good reputation in the legal community, gives back to the public and consistently upgrades his/her education.
  3. A good lawyer must be honest and give with passion. These are characteristics that will attract people and push you to new levels of personal and career success.

The LRS Will Provide You with ALL of These Important Factors. Let’s see how:

  1. Brings You Clients: Signing up for the service is as easy as filling out a form. The rest is handled by the LRS staff that will refer clients to you. You charge a $25 fee for the first 30-minute consultation. If you and the client agree to proceed with services then the 30-minute investment will bring you a large return. You benefit from waiving that fee and using LRS. It’s a win/win situation.
  2. Grows your Reputation and Exposure: Events during Law Week, such as Dial-A-Lawyer Day, connect you with other lawyers in your community. These connections are not only enjoyable and get you more involved with the legal community, they are also a source of networking and client referrals.
  3. Provides Learning Opportunities: Lawyers learn how to do their job through experience – trial and error. Participating in CBABC events, meeting with other lawyers and asking questions which may not be within your specialty will provide you with free education.
  4. Helps You Help Others: We are privileged members of our society and have an obligation to help those who need our help but cannot always afford it. Being passionate about what we do includes being honest and kind enough to meet and help those who we do not always meet when we require a $10,000 retainer. Our names and reputations will benefit from taking a day aside and focusing on giving rather than taking. What better way than to use the LRS service to do just that?

Let’s celebrate and Join Lawyer Referral Service’s 60 Years of Success!

Applications are online at For more information, call 604-687-3221, toll-free 1-800-663-1919 or email

Did you know?

  • LRS is 100% funded by the Law Foundation of BC.
  • With BC Advantage, CBA members’ annual membership dues include unlimited access to all Sections (78 BC and 32 National) – giving you the ability to easily earn all 12 hours of your yearly CPD.