August 2019

Encompassing Indigenous Law

The National Indigenous Law Centre (the “NILC”) represents the future; an emerging era of renaissance in Canadian law that encompasses both an intellectual landscape and a practical...

Randolph W. Robinson

August 2019

The Future of Law

"If the rule of law is undermined, then so is the future of justice and lawyers. As lawyers, we need to be seen to work with other stakeholders to...

David J Bilinsky

August 2019

I Wish to Apologize (Sort of)

Collective nouns like a murder of crows, a gaggle of geese, a parliament of owls, a troupe of baboons (and a Klan of Trump supporters?) can also be applied to nationalities. Apparently, a flock...

Tony Wilson, KC

August 2019

Gillian Hadfield

This article is composed from excerpts of an interview with Gillian Hadfield on May 14, 2019 in Vancouver. It has been heavily edited for style and brevity.Q:What can we do about the access to...

Brandon Hastings