Building a Stronger Voice in Times of Uncertainty


Building a Stronger Voice in Times of Uncertainty

They say that challenges only make us stronger — and that is certainly true now. There is no doubt that the current pandemic has created some significant challenges for all legal professionals. With courts suddenly limiting proceedings to maintain health and safety, the adage “justice delayed is justice denied” has never been more relevant.

Despite these challenges, CBABC has seen a great opportunity for transformation. Members have shared their questions, concerns and, most importantly, innovative solutions. Over the last few weeks, we have seen sections and members come together with a united voice to prepare briefs and submissions for the following:

Land title document execution

  • Witnessing requirements for estate planning documents
  • Limitation period suspensions
  • Exceptions for builder’s lien limitation periods
  • Pet-related essential services

CBABC launched the COVID-19 Resource Hub online and it is updated daily. Through this platform, you can quickly learn the latest in CBABC’s advocacy efforts. Your comments are valued and are also being shared in our regular communications with government and court services teams that have been established over the past few weeks. This experience has brought many voices together, and we have witnessed a stronger engagement from government and court services as a result of this co-operative effort as well. When it comes to managing through the COVID-19 crisis, continue to stay in touch through and let us know what is important to you!

As our courts move forward to expand the scope of matters that are heard, we will continue to support members to adapt to new practice directives by hosting information webinars and offering practice tips and guides for lawyers. Accessibility to court services have been part of CBABC’s Agenda for Justice since 2013, and we will continue to advocate for more funding to improve the technology and resources needed for the courts.

In addition to these initiatives, we continue to advocate on other important issues: the Auto Insurance Working Group has completed extensive research on the new Enhanced Care auto insurance program and Evidence Act amendments, and has formulated a comprehensive submission for the government to consider. CBABC made a submission to the Law Society’s Future of the Legal Profession Task Force on how we see our profession changing to meet the needs of clients in the coming decade. Sections have also provided feedback on new proposed legislation for enforcing money judgments. Finally, the Cullen Commission Inquiry into Money Laundering in BC continues with its next round of hearings in May and June; CBABC was granted participant status and continues to put forward the position of our members on important issues, including solicitor-client privilege.

And we haven’t stopped there. To strengthen the engagement behind CBABC’s advocacy, CBABC piloted a new platform called ThoughtExchange, which will improve our responsiveness when dealing with time-sensitive advocacy issues. We have seen tremendous support for this platform and look forward to receiving many more of your thoughts — which will transform into action!

We are going through some interesting times — and the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity for growth. This is the time when CBABC members can truly rise to the occasion and come together to take a lead in transforming the system, ensuring better access to justice for everyone