CBABC 101 — Leveraging Your Membership


CBABC 101 — Leveraging Your Membership

If it’s been awhile since you checked out what CBABC can do for you, let me guide you to make the most of your membership. At every stage of your career, as you move into new practice areas, seek to focus or broaden your network, or want to reach a wider audience, your engagement in CBABC will support you.

Your colleagues organize Section meetings and they are the perfect place to grow your business, learn the latest, build your professional profile, and connect with others. The people you meet are your referral network. They are at the end of the phone if you want to consult on a file. You can share your knowledge as a speaker. If you are moving into a new area of practice, you’ll want to review past recordings and attend live meetings to get up to speed fast!

I recommend that everyone join and update their Sections to receive notice of the meetings and practice updates. Almost all meetings are delivered virtually to be accessible everywhere in the province. And for those of you who want to gather in person with local colleagues, just ask for a Section Hub to be setup and our staff will make it happen.

We often talk about how much value newly-called lawyers get from the CBA, but let me tell you how we deliver at every stage of your career.

For those with 25 years or more of experience, the Senior Counsel Section is the place for you. Whether it is adapting to new tools, revering the role of elders, or developing your personal and professional succession plans, you’ll be among trusted colleagues facing similar challenges.

Mid-career lawyers have so many opportunities in CBABC. With those tough early years behind you, your professional needs and expectations have changed. Through CBABC, you can be recognized as a leader by speaking at professional development sessions, developing practice toolkits and resources, or writing for BarTalk.

Speaking of professional development, CBABC has focused our attention on Indigenous cultural awareness through our Truth & Reconciliation Series each fall. Programs on equity, diversity, and inclusion support members to improve your toolbox to engage with clients and colleagues, and even adapt your employment setting! We focus on business and practice management in January through April, and throughout the year, we host practice-specific and regional conferences. All of these opportunities are offered for free or at a very low cost to members. Just another benefit for you!

If working with others on a passion project is your jam, our 20 Committees and Working Groups provide that engagement. You might consider becoming your county or practice area’s representative to Provincial Council, or even join the Board. The exposure to the people and issues shaping the legal industry is unparalleled and you can influence the discussions about regulation, legal education, access to justice, law reform, and justice system modernization. There is no end to the work that needs to be done.

Following the release of Agenda for Justice 2021, CBABC has seen many of our recommendations reflected in this spring legislative session. And there is much more going on behind the scenes. We enjoy a constructive relationship with government, the Law Society, and the courts. What our members say matters and CBABC provides the power of a collective to advance members’ goals and interests. You can be proud of being part of CBABC.

Every professional association has a member discount program and CBABC is no exception. MemberPerks by Venngo offers access to discounts from thousands of big brands and local favourites, including those available outside the Lower Mainland. You and your family are eligible to participate. And let’s not forget the CBA Advantage program with Audi Canada’s discounts of up to $5,500!

I could go on, because there truly is a lot for every member at any stage of their professional path. Give me a call and we can be sure you get the most from your membership.