CLEBC’S Response to COVID-19


October 2020

Ensuring the health and safety of our valued customers, contributors, and employees, and moving to an online platform for all our courses has been CLEBC’s highest priority since COVID-19 began six months ago. Due to the hard work of our CLEBC team and our contributors from across BC, all of CLEBC’s CPD courses are now offered online through Zoom.

To further support the legal community, the “CLEBC Lawyer Wellness and Well-Being Resources” web page offers seven hours of free online wellness and well-being courses (in short one-hour modules) and other helpful resources ( Course topics include “Wellness in the Practice of Law” and “Increasing Productivity Through Happiness” and many others. We are also offering reduced course pricing. For more details on these initiatives, please visit:

Additionally, if you are experiencing financial hardship due to COVID-19, you may be eligible for further reductions in our course prices. Please contact our Customer Service department for more information.

We greatly appreciate the trust and confidence you have placed in CLEBC and welcome your feedback on how we can best support you during this challenging time (

Please stay safe and healthy,

Linda W. Russell, CEO, CLEBC and the CLEBC Team.