CLEBC Update - April 2016

Upcoming Course - First Nations Governance and Economic Development

April 2016

Having a sound understanding of the options and context for Indigenous business assists industry, government, and Indigenous leaders to form effective business and governance structures and successful business partnerships.

The upcoming CLEBC course, First Nations Governance and Economic Development, delves into different governance structures among Indigenous nations. You will explore how to develop best practices for economic development models and structures in the context of industry, technology, services, construction, land development, and finance sectors. Learn from experts in the field in Indigenous governance, economic development, and industry-Aboriginal partnerships, and hear them discuss their challenges and experiences.

All commercial and Aboriginal law lawyers in private practice, industry, and government will benefit, as will others who focus on Aboriginal law issues, including First Nations and industry leaders, and employees of First Nations or First Nations organizations.

 First Nations Governance and Economic Development will be held on Friday, June 3, 2016; the course is available either as a live program or a live webinar. To register, contact CLEBC customer service at