CLEBC Update - December 2016

Resources for advising small businesses and start-ups

December 2016

Advising small businesses and start-ups can sometimes be overwhelming. Your client may request advice on tax issues one day and employment issues the next.

CLEBC’s Advising BC Business practice manual is specifically designed to address the wide range of issues that arise when advising small businesses. This pragmatic, BC-focused manual covers all stages of advising a business, from incorporation to bankruptcy, and provides detailed guidance on topics such as:

  • Organizing, operating, and financing a business;
  • Business acquisitions, due diligence, and legal opinions;
  • Tax, IP, employment, real estate, and insurance issues; and
  • Resolving disputes, estate planning, and bankruptcy.

This award-winning manual also features 60 first-class precedents for business law letters, agreements, and court documents to save you time.

For those looking for specialized learning, CLEBC invites you to join them on April 19, 2017 for their first Working with the Tech Start-Up course. Truly a unique educational opportunity, this course will bring lawyers and start-up experts together to explore the culture of tech start-ups along with the legal and business advice needs specific to the tech industry.   

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