CLEBC Update | December 2018

CLEBC contributors: thank you for helping us educate BC’s legal profession

December 2018

CLEBC has been committed to educating BC’s legal community since 1976. As an independent not-for-profit organization, CLEBC works with more than 1,000 volunteer contributors each year to develop our resources, support a culture of learning, and foster the highest standards in continuing legal education.

CLEBC contributors include lawyers, judges, academics, paralegals, legal support staff, and other experts in the larger community from every area of law.

Thank you CLEBC contributors for being teachers and leaders in our community. The energy and time that you commit to our 50+ publications and 80+ courses each year is incredible. We are so grateful that you share your practice experience, debate legal developments, refine professional ethics, and perform legal analysis to help your colleagues stay educated and up to date.

You are the cornerstone of CLEBC’s ability to produce high-quality legal education resources relevant to the questions,
procedural issues, and client needs that BC legal professionals face daily.

All of your contributions, whether as a course chair, editorial board member, course presenter, publication author, course material author, or online moderator are deeply appreciated.

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