CLEBC Update - February 2016

CLEBC`s Real Estate and Construction Law Resources Support Your Practice

February 2016

BC Strata Property Practice Manual – Strata construction continues to thrive in BC. An essential practice tool for lawyers working in the field.

BC Real Estate Development Practice Manual – Covers all legal steps in real estate development from land acquisition to subdivision regulation and everything in between.

BC Real Estate Practice Manual – Leads you quickly and completely through the necessary steps of a conveyance. Includes practical advice for a collapsing deal.

BC Mortgages Practice Manual – Explains the practical implications of the rules governing BC mortgage transactions. This key resource answers your questions.

Land Title Practice Manual – The authoritative guide; essential for all who make applications to the LTSA.

Commercial Leasing – Annotated Precedents – Helps you draft documents that reflect current law and practice. Know what’s critical to include – and what you can afford to give up in negotiation.

Real Estate Financing – Annotated Precedents – This trusted resource is the package of tools you need to document complex real estate financing deals.

BC Builders Liens Practice Manual – Supports those developing their knowledge, and provides quick answers for legal issues under the Builders Liens Act.

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