CLEBC Update | February 2019


February 2019

CLEBC offers two publications to help criminal lawyers prepare for success at trial.

Introducing Evidence at Trial is your resource on evidentiary procedure in criminal or civil trials in BC. This portable handbook discusses in detail each type of evidence or procedure accompanied by practice pointers, checklists, and model scripts. With this resource, you will be able to:

  • improve your ability in introducing and controlling evidence at trial;
  • spot problems with evidentiary proof you might otherwise overlook; and
  • quickly access evidentiary rules during trial to manage unexpected evidence or witness behaviour.

Canadian Criminal Jury Instructions (“CRIMJI”) provides you with more than 150 model criminal jury instructions on trial procedure, evidence, and major offences and defences. Each model instruction includes an outline of key components, as well as annotations with case law, user notes of caution, and alternatives. With CRIMJI, you will be able to:

  • save time drafting criminal jury instructions;
  • clearly understand the evidence required to prove a particular crime or defence; and
  • explain evidence and law relevant to your case in plain language.

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