CLEBC Update | June 2019

Employment and Labour Law Resources

June 2019

Employment law issues arise often in your clients’ workplace and even in your own. Employment Standards in British Columbia – Annotated Legislation and Commentary offers you succinct commentary and case annotations to accompany the full text of the Employment Standards Act and Employment Standards Regulation. This resource brings the ever-expanding body of employment standards tribunal and court decisions under control. Annually updated, seasoned practitioners judiciously select and summarize only the most significant new decisions for your review. 

With this resource, you will be able to:

  • easily find the general principles and leading cases relating to any particular section of the Act
  • competently advise your clients as to their employment standards rights or employers’ best practices
  • keep current with any significant changes or developments in employment standards law

This title is available in print + online and online-only formats. For more information, visit: or call CLEBC Customer Service at 604-893-2121.