CLEBC Update | October 2019

Significant Amendments to the Land Title Act

October 2019

In preparation for the amendments to Part 10.1 of the Land Title Act (Electronic Filing), which will come into force on November 15, 2019, CLEBC has made a number of significant changes to the Land Title Practice Manual and Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook.

The Land Title Practice Manual 2019 Update will incorporate all legislative amendments and necessary changes to Director’s Directions (replacing Director’s Requirements). In addition, the manual reflects changes to the Agricultural Land Commission Act and its associated regulations; the most significant changes are in respect of residential use and structures on ALR land and new soil removal and fill placement rules. As always, the update includes the full Land Title Act containing section-by-section commentary with applicable forms, practice tips, and case summaries.

Our Land Title Electronic Forms Guidebook (the “Green Book”), published under authority of the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, allows users to prepare electronic forms with accuracy and precision. As such, the 2019 Update will incorporate all the new forms and presents the November 15 amendments to relevant portions of the Land Title Act.

CLEBC will also be working closely with the Land Title and Survey Authority to provide training on the use of web filing. By June 2020, web filing will be operational, making it possible to fill and file 23 forms online that are presently completed in pdf form. For more information on these updates, consult the CLEBC and LTSA websites later this fall.