A TRC Reading List

If law is the sum of its codes and all resulting precedents, is a law library the sum of its curatorial program and the texts in its collection? Part of CLBC’s organizational response to the Truth and Reconciliation Report has been to physically manifest the literature itself.

October 2018

Each regional CLBC branch is now stocked with a bound, physical edition of The Survivors Speak: A Report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. Previously, this report was only available digitally.

Another CLBC response is our internal working group which explores and implements changes to make our spaces, collection, and our working culture more conducive to the work of truth and reconciliation. We are in the midst of changing library signage, artwork, and other postural elements that communicate recognition of the TRC’s recommendations and our attitude of willingness to face change.

Our working group has compiled a Read for Reconciliation Book List — including non-fiction, fiction, children’s books and graphic novels by Indigenous authors. We also actively curate a list of resources useful to the broader legal sector as it approaches truth and reconciliation. If you’re interested to know more, please contact one of our liaison lawyers, Megan Vis-Dunbar (who leads the working group) or Nate Russell.