When Digital Just Isn’t Possible


February 2021

CLBC has been addressing the “digital shift” in legal information for many years now. We are your conduit to digital legal information inside and away from a physical branch (our free Remote Access to Subscription Databases collection, for example, lets you view e-books, journals, case reporters, and more from your home or office), plus expert digital assistance from our experienced team of librarians who never stopped fielding information requests (albeit remotely) as courts and legal professionals rushed to adapt to the pandemic reality of online-only work. An email query to librarian@courthouselibrary.ca may take you five minutes and save you five hours.

But we won’t crow on about the digital information age at this late stage. We will acknowledge, rather, that some information is only available in print. Luckily, if you need that book, you can still get it without making a physical appearance.

CLBC’s “book in a box” service is free for borrowers. You place your request through our website (courthouselibrary.ca), and we mail you the book. All you need to do is setup your online account and have a library card. When due, simply return the book in the box it came in (postage is pre-paid). While this service has been a boon to rural lawyers for years, we saw a usage spike of 237% from 2019 to 2020 as city and country lawyers alike worked from home.