Kerry L Simmons, QC

Kerry L. Simmons, QC is the Executive Director of the Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch, which represents 7,200 members of the legal profession throughout BC and in all practice areas. CBABC advocates for improvements to the administration of justice and reforms to law and legislation, connects members to each other through section meetings and mentorship programs, and delivers professional development seminars. Prior to joining the staff of CBABC in 2018, Ms. Simmons was a litigator in private practice for 18 years and served as both CBABC and CBA National President.  Her experience and interests include justice system reform, education, reconciliation with indigenous peoples, inclusion and diversity, and the protection and promotion of children in healthy, positive environments.

June 2015

Out With the Old

When the first weeks of spring start to green our view, there is an inevitable release of winter blahs and the world seems full of potential again.