Arlene H. Henry, QC and Mary Mouat, QC
Children’s Views

Why they matter in court
and in mediations

by Arlene H. Henry, QC
and Mary Mouat, QC

Kari D. Boyle and Zahra H. Jimale
Improving Access to Justice
Through Unbundling

What’s next?

by Kari D. Boyle
and Zahra H. Jimale

Views from the Bench

Making the most of JCCs

by The Honourable Mr. Justice Butler, The Honourable Mr. Justice Groves, Master Scarth and Nikki Hair

Planning for the Future of
a Co-Parenting Relationship

Parent coordinators
and child specialists

by Anahita Tajadod

Family Law Arbitration Update

As mediation flourishes, arbitration remains stuck in the ADR toolkit

by Michael Butterfield

Audra Bayer
Specialized Mediation

Empowerment – generating options, safeguarding the right to choose

by Audra Bayer

Russell S. Tretiak, QC AND W. Laurence Scott, QC
Having Babies

For same-sex couples

by Russell S. Tretiak, QC
and W. Laurence Scott, QC

BC Family Justice

Systematic and cultural change
and the FLA

by Brandon Hastings

The Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

The Pros and Cons of Med-Arb1

by Carol Hickman, QC