With so many of us working remotely, the June issue of BarTalk is a digital-only issue. Watch for our next print issue in October. 



Eyewitness Identification

1977. UBC Law School. Evidence class. Topic: frailties of eyewitness identification. Our eager young professor had devised a didactic skit for us, in which an intruder burst into the classroom...

Oliver Butterfield

The “Truth in Sentencing Act”

The fate of this recent Criminal Code amendment conjures up the famous French aphorism, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.”Taking a leaf from US initiatives to...


The Rise of Civil Forfeiture

Britsh Columbia’s Civil Forfeiture Act (“CFA”) came into force on April 26, 2006. It was based on similar and earlier legislation in Ontario. To date, in excess of $43...

Peter J. Roberts

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