June 2018 | Upcoming PD

  • June 01, 2018

Featured PD Webinar Repeat

Budding New Law: The Cannabis Potential
Purchase a viewing of this webinar repeat for a review of the landscape of the proposed cannabis laws, their regulation and control. The proposed cannabis law in BC and other jurisdictions will be examined. Industry issues of what firms can and cannot do, will be canvassed with an emphasis on local government and business
Date: Based on your availability
Location: Your home or office

Upcoming In-Person Seminars

Ethics in Action: Practice & Community – Victoria IV
Join the CBABC and the Victoria Bar Association for its final installment of Ethics in Action in Victoria for the 2017/2018 term, as we delve into the subject of ethics in an engaging way. Our speakers will identify relevant ethical codes and conduct, put ethics into action by working together on realistic case studies, and highlight emerging ethical problems.
Date: June 18, 2018
Location: The Union Club of BC, Victoria BC
Speakers: Dean Lawton, QC, Victoria County Bencher, Carfra Lawton LLP and H. William Veenstra, 2017-2018 CBABC President, Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP

CBABC Criminal Justice – Vancouver Annual Dinner
Our special guest of honour this year is Dennis Edney, QC, who is widely known for his commitment to the Omar Khadr case and the fight for access to justice and human rights. Space is limited for this special event. Get your ticket early and secure your seat.
Date: June 20, 2018
Location: Sutton Place Hotel, Vancouver
Speaker: Dennis Edney, QC

Upcoming Webinars

Increased Access to Justice: Financing Litigation
Exploring BCLI’s Study Paper on Financing Litigation and its six options for paying for legal services and funding litigation, learn what these financing options are and how you can employ the options creatively and work with your clients as they strive to pay for their litigation.
Date: June 6, 2018
Moderated by: Stuart Rennie, CBABC Legislation & Law Reform Officer
Speakers: Kathleen Cunningham, British Columbia Law Institute; Doug Munro, Law Society of British Columbia; Thomas L. Spraggs, Spraggs & Company and H. William Veenstra, CBABC President 2017-2018, Jenkins Marzban Logan LLP

Crossing the Border: Protecting your Client’s Confidentiality and Your Privacy
This webinar will focus on crossing the border with electronic devices: travelling to the United State and other countries and returning to Canada. Expert practical tips, including managing your reputation, how to prepare to cross the border, what to do if border officers ask to search your electronic devices, and more?
Date: June 12, 2018
Moderated by: Stuart Rennie, CBABC Legislation & Law Reform Officer
Speakers: Michael D. Lucas, Law Society of British Columbia; Christopher A. McPherson, QC, Crown Counsel and Tony C. Paisana, Peck and Company