New Provincial Court of BC Website

  • February 01, 2015

Provincial Court of BC websiteThe Provincial Court of BC (the “Court”) recently concluded a project designed to provide easy-to-understand information for the public and a useful resource for lawyers.

The Court has been rolling out changes to its website for more than a year, starting with the overall look of the website. New changes include:

  • Updating information with current legislation and resources;
  • Providing specific navigation guidance for groups of users, including lawyers;
  • Making site navigation more intuitive;
  • Adding informative material and links for both lawyers and unrepresented litigants;
  • Offering information and
    videos about recent initiatives and innovations; and
  • Launching an eNews service with short items about the Court and related resources.

The site now places items of interest to lawyers in a location quickly accessible from the home page. It also offers many more links, including links to statutes and rules applied in Provincial Court. The Court is asking lawyers, law students and other legal professionals to help improve its website further by providing feedback and suggesting additional information that would assist them and their staff.

Please visit the website, explore the resources there, and provide feedback through the anonymous survey.

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