August 2017

  • August 01, 2017
Senate Committee Report on Connected Cars

The Senate Transport and Communications Committee began hearings earlier this year into autonomous and connected vehicles, with its report due to federal Minister of Transportation Marc Garneau by the end of 2017 (the “Senate Report”). Privacy matters are chief among the issues being considered by the Senate committee. 

Numerous panels of government officials and Privacy Commissioner of Canada Daniel Therrien have made statements to the Senate Committee, alongside the BC Freedom of Information and Privacy Association (“FIPA”). FIPA highlighted the privacy concerns of data being collected by automakers and their “partners” in connected cars of today and the future. FIPA referred to its report published in 2015 The Connected Car: Who is in the Driver’s Seat? (the “FIPA Report”). The FIPA Report has been cited on numerous occasions and most notably, was cited in both applicant and respondent’s arguments in the 2016 Supreme Court of Canada leave application Wayne Rodney Fedan v R (14 July 2016), 36970 (SCC).

Privacy law practitioners should stay tuned to the publication of the Senate Report and its findings.

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