December 2016

  • December 01, 2016

Two landmark pieces of legislation are being introduced which may impact a large number of small businesses and societies in the province.

The new Societies Act, SBC 2015, c 18 came into force November 28, 2016 and under the new legislation, the existing 27,000 + societies in the province have a two-year period to transition under the landscape of the new Act and regulations. The new Act will create new definitions and governance standards for categories of societies, along with other changes.

The new Franchises Act, SBC 2015, c 35 is set to come into force by Regulation on February 1, 2017. This new Act serves to modernize and streamline BC’s franchise legislation to more closely mirror legislation in other provinces by, among other things, increasing franchisors’ disclosure requirements and creating needed legal protections for franchisee business owners.

Staying on top of changes in legislation is always critical to providing timely and accurate counsel to clients. There are number of tools that can help you stay on top of these pieces of legislation and others. By signing up for Alerts through Quickscribe’s BC Legislative Digest, you will receive emails with detailed and timely notification of both recent and proposed changes to laws of your choosing. Similarly, the Bill Tracker Tool will keep you informed with RSS feeds before a Bill becomes law and the Law Tracker Tool will notify you as amendments are made to legislation. While the full features of Quickscribe are only accessible with an account (or through computers located at Courthouse Libraries locations) signing up for alerts and feeds can be done without a full account.