February 2015

  • February 01, 2015

Courthouse Libraries BCDo you get unexpected legal questions from artistic clients? In the practice of law, one inevitably gets asked to provide legal advice or information in an unfamiliar area of law. This may present a great opportunity to make a referral to a colleague. Alternatively, it may be a chance for you to learn more about a different area of law, provide some summary advice or direct a client to relevant public legal information resources. So where does one turn when questions arise in the area of Arts and Entertainment Law?

Artists’ Legal Outreach

Get a quick summary of copyright law, download a sample licensing agreement, learn about terms commonly found in recording agreements or read about requirements for Canadian artists travelling to the US. These are just a few of the useful links you can find on this free site. There’s no search function, so a good place to start your inquiry is under the “Subjects” heading. Content is classified by general subject area. There is also a “Copyright Toolkit” under the “Resources” heading, with some Q&A’s on Copyright Law. The Artists’ Legal Outreach also hosts a Pro Bono Legal Clinic on Wednesday evenings. Upcoming legal clinics as well as information on how to book an appointment are all available on the website artistslegaloutreach.ca.


Operated by the Courthouse Libraries BC, the Clicklaw website (clicklaw.bc.ca) features general legal information specific to BC. A quick search for “Entertainment Law” will link you to information on music law and copyright. Clicklaw is a great source of practical legal information covering a wide range of areas of law.