Eyes Wide Open


I see around 30 students a year from a variety of law firms. I try to break the ice and tell them what I’d once been told about why we do Bencher interviews. Apparently, they were to elicit an answer to Joe McCarthy’s infamous question: “ Are you now, or have you ever been a ...

No-One Expects the Spanish Inquisition


I  recently had a discussion with another lawyer about the Ontario election. Instead of discussing voting patterns and demographics, I blurted out something about the “Swing” and the “Swong,” and both of us laughed because we’d seen Monty Python’s “Election Night Special” sk...

Defences to the Tort of Defamation


Absolute privilege is one of the most powerful defences in the law of defamation. The privilege is “absolute” because it cannot be defeated even if the plaintiff proves that the defendant spoke the words with actual malice and knowing them to be false. The occasions on which ...

What To Do About the Cost of Real Estate?


A few weeks ago, my wife and I looked at a condo for sale in Vancouver’s Olympic Village, just in case we ever decide to sell our house in New West and downsize. Although the building was nice and it had a peekaboo view of False Creek, an 1100 ft.² condo with three small bedr...

Tony Wilson, KC


CLEBC Welcomes New Board Members


We are pleased to welcome five new CLEBC Board Directors beginning September 1, 2019. Several are current CLEBC contributors and we greatly appreciate their continued support in this new capacity. Dr. Cristie Ford is Associate Dean, Research and the Legal Profession, and...

ALF Update | December 2022


This year’s annual ALF Holiday Banquet was held on Friday, November 25. We were honoured to host our keynote speaker Justice Len Marchand, Jr. of the British Columbia Court of Appeal. Justice Marchand has dedicated a substantial portion of his career to achieving reconciliati...

Letter to the Editor | Re: “They Live Among Us” by Tony Wilson, KC, BarTalk October 2022


“I read with hesitation the above-noted article, the title of which very effectively gives a heads-up to a coming display of the arrogant elitist/supremacist and condescending tone so often indulged in by the author of this column. In the course of a single page, Mr. Wilson p...

SectionTalk | February 2023


Winter 2022 Meetings — Recap CBABC Sections hosted over 100 meetings and socials in the fall of 2022 and now 2023 is off to a strong start! With a wide variety of online, hybrid, and in-person activities, there is no shortage of opportunities to keep current in your practi...

SectionTalk: A Cut Above the Rest


CBABC members enjoy exclusive access to meetings and events in practice areas ranging from Administrative Law to Wills & Trusts, and interest groups like Young Lawyers and Public Sector Lawyers. With 95% of meetings held virtually, get your CPD when and where you want it. E...

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