Advocacy in Action | February 2021


February 2021

Advocacy in Action | February 2021

CBABC Committees and Sections have been busy in the past two months preparing for policy discussions and submissions. From real estate to family law, members are working to transform legislation and practice in British Columbia. Here are some highlights.

Real Estate

CBABC’s Real Estate Sections are reviewing the Standard Form Contracts developed with the BC Real Estate Association (“BCREA”). The Contract of Purchase and Sale and related documents are licensed for use by BC lawyers and realtors and are reviewed periodically by BCREA with input from CBABC. Members are invited to participate in a Thoughtexchange to provide suggestions for specific changes.

Also, through the leadership of our Real Estate Sections, CBABC wrote to the Land Title Survey Authority (“LTSA”) about advance access to the forms and tools required for the Land Ownership Transparency Registry. LTSA promptly wrote back — a testament to the power of the CBABC to gain attention. Read the submission and response

Police Act Reforms

CBABC intends to make a submission to the Legislative Assembly’s consultation on reforms of the Police Act. Described as a “broad inquiry,” the consultation examines the role of police, the scope of systemic racism within BC police’s agencies, and consistency with the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. Members practising in the areas of criminal justice, constitutional law, human rights law, municipal law, and Aboriginal law, and those who have experience addressing systemic racism will prepare the CBABC submission.

Family Law

Through the leadership of the Family Law Working Group and with the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section (“SOGIC”) and other Sections, CBABC made a submission in January to the BC Law Institute’s (“BCLI”) project to modernize the Child, Family & Community Service Act. BCLI sought submissions on 38 specific recommendations within a narrow scope of review. CBABC concurs with many of the recommendations and provided additional information and additional suggestions to improve the experience of children and families in contact with the child protection system.

Pronouns in Court

Our SOGIC Section consulted with the Provincial Court of BC on its recent Notice with respect to introductions of counsel and others appearing in court. That Notice together with a corresponding Practice Direction in the Supreme Court of BC has established an inclusive practice of introduction. People now not only provide their name and role, they specify their title and their pronouns. To assist members, CBABC has prepared examples of counsel introductions and a short video available at

Money Laundering

The Cullen Commission Inquiry into Money Laundering released an interim report in December. In response, the Attorney General expressed concern that FINTRAC (Canada’s financial intelligence unit) and the Government of Canada are apparently failing to share information with British Columbia that could be essential in the fight against money laundering. The Commission continues with hearings on the real estate sector expected to begin mid-February, and CBABC will be advocating on behalf of lawyers working in that industry. The live webcast can be accessed at

Get Involved

CBABC’s policy development and advocacy priorities are determined by its members through CBABC Sections and Committees. Volunteers are always welcome. Contact the Director of Advocacy, Jo-Anne Stark at

CBABC has been busy this winter, enhancing parts of our website to help you stay informed.

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