CBABC SOGIC Summary of Criminal Law-Related Education and Advocacy

SOGIC UPDATE — by Dustin Klaudt (he/him)

December 2021

Despite, criminal law reform advocacy generally falling under the purview of CBA National, the CBABC Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Community Section (“SOGIC”) has engaged in and is planning various criminal law-related education and advocacy initiatives.

Last December, on World AIDS Day, SOGIC held a panel discussion on the present state of Criminalization of HIV in Canada. SOGIC continues to support the CBA’s request for urgent reform, in consultation with the HIV community, to bring the existing law in line with science and human rights and in a manner that is supportive of current HIV care, treatment, and prevention. 

CBABC has previously highlighted the movement to criminally ban conversion practices. With the federal government’s commitment, in their past campaign platform, to reintroduce legislation within their first 100 days, SOGIC continues to encourage prompt passage of a future bill (developed in consultation with the conversion practices survivors community). We will also continue to advocate that the provincial government effectively utilize all the powers available to it (including the creation of a related regulatory provincial offence). We welcome the BC Green’s recent modified private members’ bill (M 204-2021) on conversion practices as a good start toward effective provincial protections.