SOGIC Will Hold Two More Section Meetings This Year

By Lisa M.G. Nevens (they/them) and Dustin Klaudt (he/him)

June 2021

SOGIC Will Hold Two More Section Meetings This Year

These meetings will centre the experiences and needs of LGBTQ2SI+ Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour, who are frequently marginalised within our communities:

  1. A joint Section meeting with the Aboriginal Lawyers Forum is planned to educate members of all Sections on two-spirit identities and the legal issues that may be faced by those who hold those identities. “Two-spirit” is a term used in some Indigenous cultures to describe some gender, sexual, and/or spiritual identities. The session may also address how LGBTQ2SI+ concerns were addressed by the inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.
  2. A joint Section meeting with the Civil Liberties/Constitutional Law Section on the intersections between race, sexual orientation, and gender identity in the context of policing.

We have also continued our outreach to courts and administrative tribunals in BC and across the country to help improve access to justice and experiences within the justice system for trans people and all those with minority gender identities and expressions.

Finally, Pride season is coming up! While we anticipate that most, if not all, Pride events will be online again this year due to the pandemic, be on the lookout for social media campaigns highlighting Lawyers with Pride.