Sections Update | December 2021

Fall 2021 Section Meetings

December 2021

Sections Update | December 2021

CBABC Sections have been very busy this fall, with more than 70 events being held since September 1. Most sessions are now available as recordings; here are a few of the most popular.

Changes to the Land Title & Survey Authority of BC

Commercial & Real Estate–Okanagan hosted Larry Blaschuk, the Land Title & Survey Authority (“LTSA”) Registrar, who discussed the tips and traps for filing to the Land Owner Transparency Registry (“LOTR”), and information about which documents should be registered to the LTSA. Wills & Trusts–Okanagan hosted Nancy Ling and Taeya Fitzpatrick who discussed the impact of the LOTR’s requirements on landowners.

Guarding against undue influence, from the office to the courtroom

Wills & Trusts–Vancouver hosted Tara Britnell, QC, who discussed her role in Seifred v. Arnold, 2021 BCSC 278, a hotly contested committeeship application involving a Nomination of Committee alleged to have been made under undue influence. In addition, Tara offered practical tips for solicitors and litigators on how to guard against undue influence.

Keeping up with the changes to the Divorce Act

Significant changes to the Divorce Act became effective in March 2021. Family Law–Vancouver hosted John-Paul E. Boyd, QC, who discussed the relocation provisions of the Act, as well as related caselaw.

Real Property Sections Encourage LOTR Extension

Through the efforts of the Commercial & Real Estate, Real Property–Vancouver, and the
Solicitors’ General Practice Sections, the BC government has extended the filing deadline for the LOTR by a full year to November 30, 2022. A letter was written by the Section members and submitted to the provincial government, encouraging government to provide greater support and more time for clients to work with legal professionals in charge of filing their paperwork. The LOTR is designed to help end hidden ownership and money laundering, yet legal professionals were faced with administrative hurdles and time constraints with regards to the former filing deadline.

Indigenous Lawyers Seek Bencher Positions

The Aboriginal Lawyers Forum (“ALF”) worked collectively to support Indigenous candidates running in the Law Society of BC (“LSBC”) Bencher Elections. ALF hosted a series of Meet the Candidate meetings, where attendees could engage in a live Q&A with the Bencher nominees. LSBC is currently undertaking three initiatives with specific impacts for Indigenous peoples, and in light of this, ALF identified a significant need for Indigenous peoples to be represented at the Bencher table and encouraged all CBABC members to consider Indigenous candidates in the election.