BC Shorthand Reporters Association - Outside BC

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BCSRA members serving communities outside BC.

BCSRA is a non-profit, member-funded, professional association serving British Columbia's court/realtime reporters, CART providers, and broadcast captioners. The following members provide services outside BC.

City Company/Reporter Contact Info


Alberta North Reporting
—Jenn vanRootselaar, FPM 586

P: (780) 897-5366
Contact by Email
PO Box 23401, Grande Prairie, AB  T8V 7G7


Heather Bowie, FPM 510

P: (403) 992-9415


Mainland Reporting and Mediation Services

P: (403) 668-6896      C: (780) 669-2692
Contact by Email
3300-205 5th Ave SW, Calgary, AB  T2P 2V7


Minori Arai, RCR, RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CSR (ON), FPM 365

P: (613) 265-9102

  • Last updated: February 15, 2018