Reportex Agencies Ltd

Categories: Court Reporters, Litigation Support

Reportex is a boutique, full-service court reporting, e-trial and mediation firm. We strive for excellence in all aspects of litigation support.

P: 6046844347

925 W. Georgia St, #1010
Vancouver, British Columbia V6C3L2

Reportex Agencies is comprised of Reportex headquarters in downtown Vancouver, All-Star by Reportex in New Westminster and our Island division in central Victoria.

As a full-service court reporting, transcription and mediation firm, we create accurate transcripts, IME reports and appeal books for use in court. We also provide full-service mediation facilities with catered lunches by our in-house chef along with a comfortable neutral ground for legal proceedings.

Our realtime reporters are phenomenally accurate, and we regularly report lengthy, complex, multiparty trials.

We have pioneered the use of realtime technology and exhibit bundling in electronic trials, using 100% Canadian servers and banking-grade encryption to keep our clients’ data secure and compliant with all privacy legislation.

With our bilingual team members, our highly trained editors, our expertise in reporting Aboriginal proceedings and our laser-focus attention to spellings, your clients’ evidence will be accurately transcribed, regardless of what language they speak.

We are continually working to expand our team and our services to provide an exceptional experience for everyone who walks through our door.

As a Reportex client, you — and your clients — will experience unsurpassed quality, professionalism, technical support and attention to detail, every time.

  • Last updated: February 28, 2020