The CBABC Immigration Law Section invites junior lawyers to apply for bursaries to attend the National CBA Immigration Conference. Attendance at the BC Conference and membership in the CBABC Immigration Section and are required in order to be considered for the bursary.

Application deadline for bursaries: February 12, 2022


To enable more junior lawyers to the National CBA Immigration Conference by providing some financial assistance.

Funds Available

A maximum of ten $300 bursaries will be awarded to offset the registration fees for the National Conference.

Applicant Criteria

You must meet the following requirements:

  1. Have been practicing law for less than 5 years;
  2. Be enrolled in the CBABC Immigration Law Section);
  3. Register and attend the CBABC Immigration Law Conference); and
  4. Register for the CBA National Immigration Law Conference when registration opens.

First come, first serve with preference to applicants who have never received a CBABC Immigration Law Section Bursary.

Note: CBABC has access to your CBA records, and will confirm internally if you are enrolled in the CBABC Immigration Law Section, are registered for the CBABC and the National CBA Immigration Law Conferences - no additional information is required from you. If you do not meet these requirements at the time of this submission, other applicants who may submit their application after you who fully meet the criteria will be given priority.

Your infOrmation




I understand that at the time of submitting this application,

  1. My application for the bursary will be placed in queue for review based on the time of this submission.
  2. If I have not registered for the BC Branch Conference, and/or am not enrolled in the BC Branch Immigration Law Section, other applications that fully meet the criteria at the time of submission will take preference over mine.

I understand that if I am selected for this Bursary,

  1. If for whatever reason, I am unable to attend the National CBA Immigration Conference or the CBA BC Branch Conference, I will not be eligible for this bursary. If my plans change before the National Conference, I will advise so that the bursary assigned to me can be allocated to another applicant.
  2. I will receive the bursary after I pay for and attend the National Conference.