The Charter of Rights and Freedoms

  • April 17, 2018

On April 17, 2018, we celebrate the 36th anniversary of the signing of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

From the Department of Justice: 

"The Charter protects a number of rights and freedoms, including the freedom of expression and the right to equality. It forms part of our Constitution - the highest law in all of Canada - and is one of our country's greatest accomplishments."

To help you learn about the Charter, the Goverment of Canada created a series of images and infographics. We have pulled them all together for you to download and share with your networks. 

Top 5 Facts

Fact 1: The Charter has served as a model for human rights protections around the world. View

Fact 2: Section 15 of the Charter (equality rights ) came into force 3 years after the Charter. View

Fact 3: Canadians rank the Charter of Rights and Freedoms as our most important national symbol. View

Fact 4: The Charter has been to outer space! View 

Fact 5: The Charter has been translated into 23 languages. View

Because of the Charter:

Everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty. View

No one can search me or access my information without clear legal reasons. View

I am free to disagree with the government and peacefully protest in order to make my views known. View

I'm free to be myself and love whomever I want. View 

I have the right to live or seek work anywhere in Canada. View

I can use either English or French before Parliament and federal courts. View 

Rights and Freedoms

Democratic Rights View

Equality Rights View

Fundamental Freedoms View

Language Rights View

Minority Language Rights View

Legal Rights View

Mobility Rights View