Legal Resources PackageAs part of the CBA's Reaching Equal Justice Initiative, CBA launched three new Legal Health Checks for the public. 

How is your legal health? 

The goal of the Legal Health Checks is to encourage people to recognize legal problems early, and to take action when problems are identified. For lawyers, these materials are a way to start conversations with people about the law, how to get legal help and how to work effectively with a lawyer. Click here to access legal advice regarding immigration, money matters, relationships, youth and senior issues, and business and employment matters.

Throughout the year the CBABC provides a number of complimentary and comprehensive resources to aid the public in dealing with legal queries including:

  • Dial-A-Law - an online library of legal information offered in both written and audio scripts for easy navigation through every area of law
  • Lawyer Referral Service - a province-wide toll free telephone service to access a lawyer in your area
  • Legal Aid - a menu of low cost and free legal services available to the public

Download our Legal Resources Package.

Additional Resources

Clicklaw: HelpMap

Legal Services Society: MyLawBC

Court Form Prep Clinics