International Women's Day 2018

  • March 08, 2018

2018 is a turning point for women's rights. Voices around the world protest marginalization and inequality and will not be silenced. The legal profession has its own battles to fight and the CBA is raising awareness in a number of ways. 

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Here is a selection of recent articles from CBA National Magazine speaking to the most pressing issues the legal profession faces today: 

Women are still seriously underrepresented in the shaping of international law

By Erika Schneidereit

"The need to address the under-representation of women in international law is about more than simply reflecting the composition of the global population (in itself a worthy goal). It is about ensuring that the voices of women, and the ways in which they are distinctly impacted by international law, are heard."

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The #MeToo campaign: What are the next steps?

By Samantha de Wit, Co-Chair of the Women Lawyers Forum - Vancouver Island

"After everything the #MeToo campaign was able to bring forward in 2017, the question then becomes how supporters of the #Me Too campaign build from here, in an effort to change not only the actions that became too common, but also the systemic views on this type of behavior. There has been significant analysis and dialogue since the #MeToo campaign about how, we as members of society, move from identifying and shaming perpetrators to addressing the core issue itself so that this type of behaviour does not continue to occur."

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#MeToo and the pressure of keeping quiet in law

By Preston Parsons, Chair of CBA Young Lawyers

"This #MeToo watershed moment was a long time coming. As Chair of the CBA Young Lawyers Section, I want young lawyers across the country to feel supported and know that any sexual harassment or assault at the workplace is not normal, not endorsed, and simply not okay. I also want them to know that they are not alone."

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Not Just a Bystander Podcast

The implications of sexual harassment and sexual assault reach far beyond criminal law, creating complex and challenging issues that touch upon employment law, governance, policy-making, compliance and human rights. 

Recent high-profile cases have shone a spotlight on the far-reaching implications of sexual harassment and sexual assault. Finding a solution to these complex issues requires a deeper understanding of both the legal implications of sexual assault and harassment, and how society as a whole contributes. 

In 2015, the CBA National Women Lawyers Forum began the #WriteYourWrong campaign, which asked Canadian lawyers to tell their stories of sexual harassment and sexual assault in the workplace.  These stories were the inspiration for the Not Just a Bystander podcast, which calls upon us to move away from the sidelines and start taking action.

Join us for an engaging and important conversation that aims to answer the following questions:

  • Why do sexual assault and sexual harassment happen in the first place?
  • What do sexual assault and sexual harassment mean, legally?
  • What can we – as lawyers, clients, and as a community – do to fix this problem?