CBA(BC) Benevolent Society Gear up for the 2020 Battle of the Bar Bands

  • May 22, 2019

You may have noticed the absence of a fundraising/ticket selling push this year and wondered “When will I hear about this year’s Battle of the Bar Bands?” Do not be alarmed- you are still very much on the guest list.

Those soldiers of Rock n Roll who each year harangue you about  funds for our fallen comrades have collectively decided that 2020 will be SO big, they need to postpone this year’s Battle to prepare for it!

So Ladies and Gentlemen, start your countdown for next June when Vancouver will see the return to the Commodore stage of its legal daughters and sons of music and all which that entails.

In the meantime, lawyers, articled students, and their families who have suffered severe reversals owing to alcohol, drugs and/or health crises still need your help.

Please donate generously to those who have not enjoyed the same good fortune as you - learn more

And keep on Rockin in the Free World!

David Hay, QC, CBA(BC) Benevolent Society President