Call for Volunteers: Nominating Committee

  • August 29, 2019

We need Elected Representatives to Provincial Council to serve on the Nominating Committee. If you are interested in finding great volunteers for committees, the Executive Committee and Provincial Council, send your expression of interest and resume to the attention of Kerry L. Simmons Q.C., Acting Executive Director, CBABC, 10th Floor 845 Cambie Street, Vancouver BC V6B 5T3. Email: Deadline 4pm, September 18, 2019.

The Committee consists of one Elected Representative from each county. Appointment will be for one year and the committee will meet 4 times during the year via Zoom video/teleconference.

Members of the Nominating Committee will have strong personal communication skills, enthusiasm for the CBABC, and current or past leadership experience within the CBABC or in justice sector partners, affinity groups, local and county bar associations, or other legal profession entities, and as a group will reflect a cross-section of demographics and diversity.
This Board committee will:

  • identify, recruit and encourage candidates to stand for election or appointment to the Board, Committees, and Provincial Council;
  • in consultation with the Board, Executive Director and Committee Chairs (as appropriate), identify anticipated gaps in skills, demographics and diversity of each body and provide information to the Executive Director;
  • coordinate with the Executive Director as to membership-wide announcements and targeted member communications to seek candidates for appropriate positions;
  • provide information to potential candidates about roles and responsibilities and, where appropriate, encourage application; and
  • in undertaking its functions, have regard to and take measures to give effect to the CBABC’s commitment to ensuring that the diversity of the CBA’s membership is represented.

As much as we would like to accommodate all who volunteer, we may not be able to do so. Thank you for your interest.