Supporting inclusion in the legal profession

  • June 09, 2020

These past few weeks have seen conversations about bias, prejudice, and racism around the world. In her recent statement, CBA President Vivene Salmon called on governments and institutions in Canada and beyond to promote equality before and under the law as a fundamental right and denounce all forms of racism.

CBABC supports racialized lawyers during these challenging times and takes responsibility to promote equality and diversity within our profession. The following resources are available to our members who are thinking about how to address these issues within their organizations:

CBABC’s Reconciliation Response Plan Toolkit for Law Firms

CBA’s Tips for Firms and Member Organizations Seeking to Promote Inclusion and Diversity

Measuring Diversity In Law Firms: A Critical Tool For Achieving High Performance

Further reading:

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Harvard’s Unconscious Bias Tool (the Implicit Association Test)

Resource List To Support Black Communities From The Federation Of Asian Canadian Lawyers (BC)

We welcome suggestions for improvement, additional resources and examples of good practices in the legal profession. Contact us at