CBABC Statement on Justice Romilly's Wrongful Detainment

  • May 17, 2021

The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch was disappointed to hear of the wrongful detention of retired BC Supreme Court Justice Selwyn Romilly this past Friday. At CBABC, we are committed to fostering diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and justice system. It is incumbent on each institution, and on each individual, to recognize and combat our unconscious biases and systemic racism.

Our recent submission to the Provincial Government’s Special Committee on Reforming the Police Act focuses on the redress of racism and other forms of bias within policing, to repair the imbalanced relationship between police and the communities they have taken an oath to serve and protect.

Also, our Agenda for Justice 2021 recommends the collection of relevant disaggregated data to identify systemic racism and biases, and to inform the development of better protocols and policies. Each member of our legal and justice system in British Columbia must ensure that justice is not only done, but is seen to be done. 

Read the complete submission
Read the Agenda for Justice 2021 section.