Canadian Bar Association’s "Agenda for Justice" Urges Implementation of BCLI Reports

  • February 06, 2013

Source: British Columbia Law Institute

The BC Branch of the Canadian Bar Association (CBA) urges the quick implementation of several BCLI reports in An Agenda for Justice, released on February 5, 2013. The CBA describes An Agenda for Justice as a “Platform Document” outlining short-term and long-term actions to increase the effectiveness of BC’s justice system and improve BC laws, which it is asking all candidates in the forthcoming election to support.

Among the steps that the CBA says can be taken at little or no cost to improve the justice system would be to implement BCLI recommendations on reverse mortgages, unfair contracts, and the enforcement of money judgments.

An Agenda for Justice also urges legislative action in other areas where BCLI has carried out extensive law reform work.  It recommends that the Wills, Estates and Succession Act be brought into force as soon as possible.  This Act, passed in 2009 but not yet in force, originated from a 2006 BCLI report.  The CBA’s platform document also recommends introduction of an Unincorporated Non-Profit Associations Act for B.C., based on the work of the Uniform Law Conference of Canada (ULCC) in that area.  BCLI played a prominent role in the ULCC project.

An Agenda for Justice also presses for enactment of a Franchise Act in BC, and mentions BCLI’s current project on this.

BCLI welcomes the CBA’s endorsement of its past and present work and recommendations.

Click here for An Agenda to Justice issued by the B.C. Branch of the Canadian Bar Association. Click here for the CBA media release.

The BCLI reports mentioned in the CBA BC Branch platform document An Agenda for Justice are:

Report on Proposals for Unfair Contracts Relief

Report on Reverse Mortgages

Report on the Uniform Civil Enforcement of Money Judgments Act

Report on the Privacy Act of British Columbia