2014 National Aboriginal Law Conference

  • June 19, 2014

Nation-Building under Land Claims Agreements, Treaties and Self-Government Agreements

June 19-20, 2014 | Frobisher Inn | Iqaluit, Nunavut

Conference Co-Chairs:
Cindy Kieu, Government of Nunavut (Iqualuit)
Kathryn Deo, Arbutus Law Group LLP (Victoria)

Join us in Iqaluit, Nunavut for the 2014 National Aboriginal Conference. From June 19-20, 2014, we will explore the practical, on-the-ground implications and challenges of implementing land claims, treaties and other similar agreements, including specific claims, settlement agreements and TLEs.

With distinguished speakers, and using specific case studies and examples from across Canada, we will explore a range of related issues and questions, including:

  • the “public government” model of Nunavut,
  • obligations of these agreements on governments and other signatories,
  • conflicts between signatories and dispute resolution,
  • challenges and opportunities these treaties and agreements pose, and
  • how their desired outcomes are best achieved. This is the first time the CBA National Aboriginal Law Conference will take place in Canada’s newest Territory.

Don't miss this chance to participate in this unique location, with excellent speakers and a timely and thought provoking program. See you there!

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