Administrative Notice - Inclusion of Trial Briefs in the Trial Record

  • January 01, 2017

Effective Date: 2017/01/01
Number: AN-13


This Administrative Notice applies to both civil and family proceedings, and directs that copies of the trial briefs should be included in the trial record.


Trial Briefs Must be Included in the Trial Record

  1. Civil Rule 1-3(1) and (2), and Family Rule 14-4(1) and (2), provide that the following documents must be included in the trial record: 
    1. the pleadings;
    2. particulars served under a demand, together with the demand made 
    3. the case plan order, if any, 
    4. any order relating to the conduct of the trial, and 
    5. any document that the registrar directs be included in the trial record. 
  2. This Administrative Notice directs that in both civil and family proceedings, the trial record must also include the trial briefs. 
  3. The inclusion of the trial briefs in the trial record is intended to facilitate the efficient delivery of the trial briefs to trial judges. 

Registrar Stuart Cameron 
Supreme Court Registrar 

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